"Won’t you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you"

Richard Brinsley Sheridan XVIII sec.

Tenuta Mascarini was born in 1861 around a seventeenth-century nucleus, and we, that spent our youth there, wanted to make it live again so that it continues to tell about perfumes, echoes and colours of an ancient , industrious and secret time, a time that returns.

Through spicy paths of misterious Muscose and Damascene roses, between scented ways ol lavander and orange trees, under light shadows of palm trees, you can listen the whisper of water confusing with happy voices of who lives with you a joyful day.

Our Centifolia hall, Muscosa hall, the Oranges Pavilion and Mirrors hall will receive you in a sober and delicate style, in the frame of the biggest rose garden of Salento.

"“Rose is a rose, is a rose, is a rose” "

Gertrude Stein

"“A bride is a bride, is a bride” "

Tenuta Mascarini

Architectural period: 1861
Position: countryside
Parking: guarded
Surface: 24 hectares
Useful surface for banqueting: 2 hectares
Aquatic areas: ponds and pool
Number of rooms for banquets: 4
Opening time: always open
Closing day: Sunday morning (except booking), 1st January, Easter, Easter Monday, 15 th August, Christmas
Particularity: Roses, aquatic plats and arboretum
Service: we organize only one wedding ceremony per day
Official Civil ceremonies are allowed in the garden